In our never ending search for the best in beauty and health treatments, we have put together a unique and innovative program designed to relax, rejuvenate and restore you with superior spa services.  We offer you the best and most effective ways to relax your mind, body and soul. is your time to unwind and be pampered.

We take pride in our superior service that not only keeps our customers coming back, but also keeps them sending their friends to us.


This is why you must choose Tamara Spa + Wellness for your Laser Hair Removal:

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Full Body Laser Hair removal for amazing price of $2.800!


Valued at  $7000!


50% OFF - Receive 50% Off Regular Price if purchased a Series of 4 or 8 Laser Treatments

Only $2,800 for Full Body Unlimited Laser Treatments for a Full year!

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Please present coupon at time of appointment. Savings are for Pre-Pay Only


Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package includes:


- underarms             - buttocks    - lower leg

- upper arms           - chest          - upper leg

-lower arms             - back          - abdomen

- shoulders               - bikini          - inner thigh



Ladies' Luxury

A Special Treat. Makes a wonderful gift package! Enjoy a relaxing 55-minute Aromatherapy Coconut Massage using premier organic oils. Followed by a Parisian Salt Glow full body treatment and Rainforest Water Journey to renew and detoxify your skin. Then, receive a rejuvenating Anti-Aging Autumn Facial with Restoring Moisture Eye treatment and Vitamins. Finish your day of pampering with a Spa Cuisine and Spa Manicure with a warming Paraffin hand Treatment.       

4.0 hours. Cost: $343.00       Special Price: $255.00

Toning Niacin Wrap and Rejuvenating Facial

Detox and Let Go. This wonderful treatment is for detoxifying, slimming and the renewal of the skin. Increases the blood circulation while removing some of the excess toxins and water from the tissue while firming and contouring the body. Enjoy while wrapped in the a Tamara Spa toning Niacin Wrap in our Private Body Treatment Room, followed by a Warm Stone facial from one of our expert estheticians including Neck & Décolleté Treatment and Rejuvenating Eye Treatment. Ahhhh...indulge and let go.

2.75 hours.   Cost: $232.00       Special Price: $150.00

Permanent Eyeliner or Eyebrows

Give the gift of permanent makeup Imagine not having to fuss with putting on eyeliner or lip liner anymore or trying to keep your brows from smudging during the day. Try the permanent method of having makeup done so that you don't have to worry about it anymore. You will love the results and wonder why you didn't do this sooner.   1.5 hours. Cost: $700.00      

Special Price:
 Permanent Eyeliner upper and lower         $450
 Permanent Eyeliner upper or lower            $300
 Permanent Eyebrows                                   $450
 Permanent Lip liner                                     $450

Vascular and Red Capillary Removal

Get rid of those broken capillaries and skin tags expert and precise work is done with removing redness around the nose, on the cheeks and on the chin. This will aid in the improvement of dilated capillaries on the face, neck,hands, arms, trunk, legs, skin tags and ruby points. Treats only the damaged areas with minimal recovery time. Visible results of the treated area can be expected with the first treatment. Sold in 15 minute increments.

Cost: $125.00       Special Price: $50.00

Body Bronzing

Includes a gentle full body Parisian exfoliation followed by a shower to smooth your skin and make the tanning solution spread without any streaks. Followed by an application of self-tanning cream that is applied over your entire body. You'll be smooth and look tanned without sun damage. The remaining of the tanning solution is for you to keep for follow ups and touch-ups.

 1.00 hour.   Cost: $161.00       Special Price: $110.00


Body Bronzing Tan follow up (tanning solution not included)

Enjoy your healthy tan follow up to keep your body beautifully and evenly bronzed all yearround by receiving an odorless self tanning solution to get the best and most even results. The color is beautiful and the results are great.  Enjoy a golden tan all year by revisiting our spa!

 0.5 hour.   Cost: $65.00       Special Price: $35.00

Balanced Beauty Package 

Relax and Renew. Your therapist will start renewing your body by exfoliating your whole body with a warm sugar scrub, followed by the warm waters of the shower. You will then enjoy some alone time in the Jacuzzi with a glass of Champagne. To complete the renewal of the body and mind we will give you a rejuvenating 85-minutes Hot Stone Coconut Massage. This wonderful treatment will leave you fresh, relaxed, and ready to enjoy life recharged.

2.5 hours.  Cost: $233.00       Special Price: $160.00

True Bliss!


Ready to meet life's challenges Start with Tamara Spa private Aroma Steam, followed by a 55-minutes Hot Stone Massage to relax your entire body. Rejuvenating Lavender Facial with Cucumber Eye Treatment will leave your skin fresh and renewed. Enjoy Spa Cuisine in our Private Dining area. Finish your full body relaxation with Hydrating Paraffin Treatments for hands and feet, Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure. Emerge looking and feeling slimmer, rejuvenated and relaxed.


4.25 hours.   Cost: $329.00       Special Price: $245.00

Preparing for Baby Package

A Well-Deserved Treat For New Moms. Receive a luxurious Lavender Facial with a vitamin enriched Eye Treatment, and Bio Marine Extract Mask to re-mineralize your skin. You will also receive a 55-minute Prenatal massage to increase the level of oxygen in the blood while decreasing muscle toxins and swelling. Improves flexibility and eases tension. Follow with the Spa Lunch. Finish your relaxation with Pomegranate Pedicure and Aroma Scrub to reduce the swelling in your legs. Appointments can be scheduled after the first trimester.

4.0 hours.   Cost: $303.00       Special Price: $210.00

The Pure Indulgence Package

Tamara’s Finest Starting off with an awesome Body Scrub which is made of super fine salts, algae and aromatherapy oils. After this treatment you will be escorted to your private Eucalyptus steam room, followed by a French GERnetic Customized Body Treatment (three types of wraps to choose from).  After the wrap, the massage therapist will spoil you with a relaxing 55-minute Aromatherapy massage, followed by a wonderful rejuvenating Facial with a soothing under eye treatment.  Includes a Champagne Spa lunch in our Private Dining area.  You will emerge as a new person, relaxed, balanced, beautiful and joyful. This is our most popular gift to give during the Holidays!  This package is truly Spadelicious!  

5.0 hours    Cost: $494.00       Special Price: $298.00

Mother Earth's Cradling

Melt down, unwind and become balanced physically and emotionally by receiving this incredible spa package. A must have for those that are stressed and want to let go of their burdens. All natural Ayurvedic products are used in this treatment with a journey of Aromatherapy Sensory discovery.

Enjoy 85-minute Stress-relieving Hot Stone Massage, then receive some more true bliss - an Ayurvedic Herbal Tai scalp Treatment! After both treatments enjoy the Eucalyptus steam room to yourself and totally let go of all your troubles. Enjoy pure Bliss! 

2.0 hours    Cost: $250.00       Special Price: $190.00

Joyful Hands and Sole Delight for Two


Spoil Your Hands and Feet with this Fantastic treatment. Start off with soothing, warm Aromatherapy footbath, while sipping delicious herbal tea. Then, your feet will be gently exfoliated and softened with a moisturizing foot mask, and then massaged for revitalization. Toenails are trimmed; buffed and polished. A deeply hydrating Restorative hand treatment will be used for its repairing and preventative benefits. With a luxurious hand massage, your hands will look youthful and immaculate and your nails will be polished to perfection. The ultimate indulgence for over-worked hands and feet craving for luscious retrieve.


2.0 hours.   Cost: $135.00       Special Price: $80.00 per person


Family, Friends and Couples Signature Spa Packages

Couples Packages. Prepare to experience a new level of pampering and true relaxation at Tamara Spa: a retreat spa for the mind, body and spirit. Every touch, sight and sound takes you to an escape of total rejuvenation and bliss... Indulge yourself in one of our signature spa packages for the perfect mini vacation. Escape from the stress and tolls of urban life with effective, rejuvenating and specialized healing treatments. We utilize the latest in spa technology and skin products to provide you with the finest in skin and body care. These packages are the optimum way to experience all of the therapies we offer. Each of our tailored programs has been specifically created for the body, skin and state of mind. We give individualized attention to each client and the specialized needs within their desired budget.


Decadent Duo Package


Decadence for Two. The luxury of three special spa treatments. You will both enjoy European style rejuvenating facials and 55-minute Tension reducing Aromatherapy, side-by-side massages in our Romantic Double Suite. Includes private eucalyptus steam and showers after your treatments. Enjoy Complimentary beverages.


2.75 hours.    Cost: $427.00      Special Price: $315.00 total

BFF Package


Experience a little "taste" of each service in this package.  Includes 25-minute relaxing Hot Stone Massages, two 45-minute Vitality Lavender Facials and Hydrating Foot treatments. Delicious herbal tea and Spa Lunch in Private Dining area are included.


2.0 hours     Cost: $296.00       Special Price: $230.00 total


Girls Getaway Spa Day


Escape To Your Quiet Place at Tamara Spa + Wellness. Spend some quality time with your mom, daughter or a friend. This bonding and relaxing day will be unforgettable. Services you will both receive are: two side by side 55-minute Aromatherapy Coconut Massages, and two Lavender body scrubs with private Eucalyptus steams, followed by two Tamara Spa Rejuvenating Hot Stone Facials with relaxing Neck and décolleté treatments. Delicious Champagne spa lunches, herbal tea for two are included.


4.0 Hours.    Cost: $673.00       Special Price: $473.00 total

A Lavender Luxury Package

Emerge your senses with your choice of either a Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Spa Facial or a Stress reducing Aromatherapy 55-minute Massage. Followed by a superb aromatic Lavender body scrub for both of you. To top off this treatment you both will enjoy Tamara Spa Private Steam room and a glass of Champagne.

2.0 Hours.   Cost: $398.00       Special Price: $285.00 total


The Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Package

Enjoy the ultimate indulgence with the ambience of a candle filled room and the incredible scent of rich chocolate and spicy orange. This package starts with Private King size Jacuzzi where you both can enjoy a glass of Champagne with delicious chocolates and strawberries. Then, experience complete bliss with 55-minute side-by-side Soothing Chocolate Massages in our Romantic Double Suite, followed by a tranquil Spa Pedicures with Chocolate Aroma Oils. Enjoy this Yummy Treat for your Body and Senses!

2.5 Hours.   Cost: $425.00       Special Price: $315.00 total


Couples Ultimate Destination  

For The Discerning Guest. Indulge in our Romantic Jacuzzi with a Glass of Champagne,followed by a Tension reducing 55-minute Full Body Massages, side-by-side, with your loved one in our Private Suite. Finish your romantic experience with relaxing Spa Manicures with Warming Paraffin Treatments for your hands.                      

2.0 Hours     Cost: $372.00       Special Price: $265.00 total


Sweetheart's Get Away Package

A romantic way to leave it all behind . . . and relax. The quintessential sweetheart experience for the couple looking to get away. Indulge in private Eucalyptus steam sipping on a Glass of Champagne. Then, enjoy two side-by-side relaxing 55-minute Aromatherapy massages in our Private Double Suite, followed by two European Spa Facials and Spa Cuisine in Candlelight Dining area. Finish your experience with two Spa Manicures

3.5 Hours.    Cost: $545.00       Special Price: $420.00 total


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